Hi there! I'm glad you found your way here. There are so many reasons why I want to start (and continue) this blog. First and foremost, if you're here, you probably have some sort of interest in multiples - maybe you know me, maybe even you or someone you know is expecting! But regardless of what brought you here, YOU are the reason I want to write this blog.

When my husband and I first found out we were expecting quadruplets, there were a few days where we were caught like deer in headlights trying to feel our way around for what to do next. Had it not been for a few wonderful women from all over the world with blogs just like this one, I think I would have been even more lost. I have never had the chance to thank many of them personally, but if given the opportunity, I want to! So this blog is my way of giving back. By sharing our experiences, the successes, the failures, and all that we go through, I hope to help others in this situation. Of course, we've been blessed beyond belief with so many family and friends that we want them to be a part of this too, so this blog is for them also so that they can be a part of our experience. Finally, this experience is one that will be unforgettable, but I still want to create something that (hopefully) I can share with my four little miracles one day so that each of them can know how they got here (and what their first few years were like). 

So that's it! Put your feet up, settle in, and I hope to bring you exactly what you're looking for: hope, advice, a friend, a laugh, maybe even a cry or two (but not too many of those, I pray).  Let's get started!


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