Moving Day!!

As we prepare to become parents, Adam and I have been faced with many life-changing decisions.  This summer, about a month and a half before we found out we were pregnant, we moved from our two bedroom apartment in Jersey Village into a lease home in Pearland, Texas.  Nothing fancy, it was a sweet little house on a quiet, dirt road, away from tons of people. Just what we wanted! The only problem was, soon after we moved in, we began noticing an awful smell in the water along with a major ant problem. Not only that, but I kept complaining to Adam of a musty smell in the house.  As my pregnancy came to fruition, my nose got stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, so did my gag reflex and on a number of occasions the two smells combined, made me ill. I began carrying a bottle of Febreeze in my car to spray down my clothes after I left the house or else I would smell it all day long. I began to get sick more often. I spent many nights awake with coughing fits and experienced my first three nosebleeds of my life.

As time went on, we slowly began to smell the mold smell more and more and eventually, we began to see it seeping from the crown molding around the ceiling. We finally were able to associate all of the symptoms that I’d been having with a mold allergy instead of pregnancy symptoms. Knowing the risks associated with both the high-risk pregnancy and having pre-mature babies in our home, we knew this wasn't a safe place for us to continue to call home.  We decided that we had to make other arrangements and find a way to get out of this lease.  We prayed for guidance in making our decision.

Eventually, we came up with a solution. We took a week off and went to visit Adam's side of the family in Roswell. This provided us with the clarity we so needed to make a decision. We would get out of our lease (preferably by being let out vs breaking a lease), move in temporarily with family, and then work on getting a place of our own where we would be putting our money into owning vs leasing. We set to work on our plan. My Aunt and Uncle graciously agreed to let us stay in their farmhouse for a few months while we get everything set up. We are ever so thankful for that blessing!! After a couple phone calls to our landlord, he agreed to come down and meet with us. We explained our situation, and surprisingly, he agreed to let us out of our lease without a penalty.

So, the tough part began! Packing!  Luckily, we never threw away our boxes from the moved this summer and in fact, I’m embarrassed to admit, several boxes were never even unpacked! As I mentioned in the previous post, I have battled a lot of exhaustion during pregnancy so that’s kept me from doing my fair share of packing. But last night, I spent the entire afternoon/evening packing up and getting ready. Today, Adam will hire a couple of guys to help him load everything into a trailer and we will be putting most of our belongings into storage. From there, we will continue to work on getting our living situation taken care of as quickly as possible. Hopefully, we will be able to be in our house by Christmas but I know that’s pretty ambitious. We’ll just see.

I’m so thankful that my husband is willing to carry the bulk of this load and do all of the heavy lifting. This summer, I was able to help out with some of it so it makes me feel bad that I can’t right now. I have to keep telling myself that I’m “lifting” our four precious babies on a daily basis and providing for every single need they have so maybe that makes up for a lot of it but I know he’s got a lot on his plate too! Your prayers are much appreciated for a smooth day and an easy move!

So with that, we close this chapter of our lives. Although our stay in this house was very brief, and a lot of it wasn't pleasant, it’s still just a tad bittersweet. This is the house where our babies were made and where we've spent so much of this journey. One day, we will look back on this house and all its issues and laugh – but we’ll also think fondly of it because it’s where we set out on this journey!


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