Growing Patience (with a little blood and a little fame)

Lesson learned: God is definitely preparing me to roll with the punches!

You should know that I am writing this blog as I lay on our queen size air mattress which I'm sharing with Adam and Annie. In the smelly house. You'll understand why in a little bit! 

I woke up Wednesday morning full of excitement that it was my last morning in the moldy house with the smelly water. I even posted on Facebook that it would be my last morning of my gag routine. (And it was definitely a grand finale of the gag routine!)

Things went very smoothly. Adam had picked up my Dad's truck the night before and headed to north Houston early in the morning to pick up the trailer we rented. He hired a few guys to help him as we have way too much heavy furniture for him to do it himself. They got to the house and were loaded up by noon. He fed the guys lunch and they were headed to the country with our stuff. The first stop was at my Aunt & Uncle's farmhouse where we will be staying for the next couple months. He put the items we needed in one of the rooms there and then went to arrange for storage. We'd called ahead to a few places and thought it was lined up but Adam saw a place near the house and pulled in. Luckily, they had plenty of storage. He set everything up and upon talking to the owner, he learned that Mrs. Blake Shelton (aka Miranda Lambert) also stores her stuff there. (Yeah, I know it's a stretch for fame but seriously, I have to get you to read somehow. Plus, you never know, her stuff might be sitting right next door to mine!) Now, if you know us, or if you've been reading this blog carefully, or if you're a native Texan, you might know the small town where we are living. Anywho...the moving part took place without a hitch. 

Here's where it gets juicy. The plan was that Adam would come back to town to bring his guys home, we'd swing by the house, pick up Annie (our Yorkie) and our clothes and bathroom stuff, and head to the country to stay with my parents. My Dad even made homemade gumbo in anticipation! Unfortunately, another plan was to be had. 

I drove Adam's Honda to work as my car was at my parent's house. It's just a little old Civic but he's done a lot of work to it. It did fine but as I was leaving the office, I noticed there was something off about the brakes. I get on 610 (if you're unfamiliar with Houston, this is fondly known as "the loop" and in 5:00 traffic, it's brutal)! Guess what!!! I have no brakes!! So I'm pregnant with quadruplets, driving down 610 in bumper to bumper traffic with a ton of maniacs and I have no brakes. Implement panic mode. I called Adam and he tells me to pull over immediately and just wait. So I took the first exit I could (Bellaire Blvd) and find the Frost Bank building. I pull into the parking lot. It doesn't take me long to realize the crisis I am in: extra pregnant, no brakes, husband still a good hour away with traffic, and no one who lives on my side of town nearby. I text a coworker who I knew was still at the office and wait. While I'm waiting, the tears set in. And not the just a little drop or two; before I realize it, I'm full blown crying! Wiping my tears on my hands, I suddenly start to smell and taste blood. What could that be? I look down, the back of my hands are covered in blood. A look in the mirror confirms my suspicion: a nose bleed! Just great! I find a napkin in the glove compartment and work at stopping the bleeding. Just then, my coworker calls and she can tell I'm in a panic; she's on her way immediately. She picks me up equipped with a cold bottle of water and tissues. We go back to the office where I wash my face and hands and by that time, Adam is close. He picks me up in the Dillards parking lot. 

To cut to the chase, by the time we drop his guys off, park the truck and trailer, grab some dinner (babies gotta eat) and get back to the Honda, it's 10:00. Turns out, the hard brake line in it went out. Adam drives it back and we determine that since we have to return the trailer at 8 AM to make a 9:20 doctor appointment, we have no choice but sleeping in the smelly house. I am. Laying on a surpringly half way comfortable air mattress (ok, maybe the fact that I put 100 pillows underneath me has something to do with it) and typing out tomorrow's post on my phone. 

(A pic of our camp, minus me. Yes, those are all my pillows piled up on the side.)

With that, I close. It's time to say my prayers and thank God for keeping us safe and always giving solutions. I'm also going to ask for a good night's sleep too! It can't hurt, right? 


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