Baby Update - 17 week check-up

We had a quick check-up appointment with our nurse practitioner, Aimee, this morning. Everybody is doing great!! All four babies were super active. I have gained 21 pounds so far which is still less than where I was supposed to be at 14 weeks but all in all, they were happy about it since ultimately, my weight gain has an impact on the size/health of the babies. I told Adam that he has to have a talk with his first son. While A,B, & C were all three pushing and shoving, his "B" boy was head-butting my sweet, angel girl, Baby "A". My tiny little sweetheart sassy girl, Baby "D", is tucked up above the "bullpen" and playing on her own. 

Overall, we are right on target. For the first time, they mentioned the possibility of going to 34 weeks. Previously, it was always 32 weeks. She told me that I was making this look easy, which I'm pretty happy about! 


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