20 Weeks!

(Quick shot of the bump (20 weeks) at our family Thanksgiving yesterday)

Wow! Today we are officially 20 weeks into our quadruplet pregnancy. It really doesn't seem like that long ago when we found out there were four babies at just 7 weeks. At this stage, I'm still having the carpal tunnel pain (my brace is hidden here) and my feet are really continuing to swell. Other than that, constant heartburn (the hubby now hands me the big bottle of Tums every time we leave the house) and a few "growth" pains, I feel like I'm trucking along just fine.

I even got a burst of energy over the weekend and began scrubbing closets, doors, and bathroom walls yesterday as we are getting settled into my Aunt and Uncle's farmhouse. Adam hadn't seen me clean like that since before I went on fertility drugs so he was definitely shocked. He was even more shocked when I told him I wanted my KitchenAid Mixer, Crockpot, and Pyrex pans out of storage so that I could cook. (Clearly, my domestic skills have been lacking during this pregnancy and I've wanted to do nothing but sleep!)

My Dad has been in the oil and gas industry almost all his life. From the time I was a little girl to present day, he pretty much worked every holiday. We always plan our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals around his schedule, because that is what families do. Holidays aren't about having the day off; they are about families coming together to celebrate and give thanks for what we have, including our jobs, which make it possible to put that turkey on the table in the first place. So this Sunday we had Thanksgiving with my parents. Unfortunately, two of my siblings and their families were not able to make it so it didn't feel 100% complete, but it was a beautiful day to be thankful and I'm glad that we had the opportunity to sit down with my parents and enjoy a nice meal. (Let's be honest here, this super-pregnant lady definitely enjoyed some of Momma's home cooking!)

A week or two ago, after one of our ultrasounds, I became convinced that the babies were aware of one another and were already interacting. Adam's viewpoint was that they had no clue and the kicks and punches they were throwing were more likely just reflexes than them playing with each other. So I did what any good 30-something would do. I Googled! I came across the video National Geographic: In the Womb - Multiples. It was like $13 on Amazon so it was in my puffy little hands in a matter of days. Last night, Adam and I decided it would be a nice way to relax by watching the movie together in bed. The good news, it settled the debate. Our quads are completely aware of one another in the womb, they interact, they play, the even kiss, and yes, they also establish dominance. It was cool to see that some sets of multiples continue the games they play with one another in the womb, years into their childhood. The bad news, we are both now completely terrified of the birth of our babies. The video follows three expectant mothers (a set of twins, a set of triplets, and a set of quadruplets). It shows very graphic video of what we can expect in the delivery room. So next up, trying to find a way to prepare ourselves for what is to come with a c-section!

I'd love to hear birth stories from our readers, especially those who went through a c-section! Feel free to leave your comments below (remember, please be respectful and polite to everyone).


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